Hotel Bathtub Refinishing

Renew. Revitalize. Impress. Unique Refinishers works on bathtubs for hotels nationwide. Call us today for an initial consultation.

Hotel Bathtub Refinishing

Renew. Revitalize. Impress. Unique Refinishers works on bathtubs for hotels nationwide. Call us today for an initial consultation.

Hotel Bathtub Refinishing Solutions

Unique Refinishers is your trusted partner in hotel bathtub refinishing. We understand that the appearance and functionality of your hotel bathrooms play a crucial role in guest satisfaction and overall experience. With our specialized bathtub refinishing services, including slip-resistant bottoms, we can help you transform worn-out, outdated bathtubs into pristine, visually appealing, and safe bathing spaces for your guests. Discover how Unique Refinishers can revitalize your hotel bathrooms and elevate the guest experience.

For more than 50 years, we’ve worked with hotels and motels across the United States. We’ve refinished tubs for nearly all the large hotel chains. Our company has refinished existing tubs in over 2.5 million Marriott rooms alone. This makes us one of the nation’s leading commercial hotel refinishing companies.

The Importance of Hotel Bathtub Refinishing

As a hotel owner or manager, you know that maintaining the condition and aesthetic appeal of your bathrooms is essential to meet hotel guests’ expectations and ensure their comfort. Bathtub refinishing offers a cost-effective and efficient solution to address common issues encountered in hotel bathrooms:
Worn-out Surfaces

Over time, bathtubs can develop scratches, stains, and discoloration due to frequent use, cleaning, and exposure to harsh chemicals. Refinishing restores the smooth, glossy finish of the bathtub surface, eliminating unsightly blemishes and making it look brand new.

Outdated Design

Trends change, and outdated bathtub colors or finishes can give your bathrooms a dated appearance. Refinishing allows you to update the look of your bathtubs, choosing from a wide range of colors and finishes that align with your hotel's design aesthetic.

Minimal Downtime

As a hotelier, you understand the importance of minimizing disruptions to your operations. With bathtub refinishing, you can have your bathrooms back in service quickly. Refinishing requires less time compared to bathtub replacement, allowing you to maintain seamless guest experiences and minimize revenue loss.

Cost Savings

Bathtub refinishing offers significant cost savings compared to bathtub replacements. Refinishing eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming demolition, plumbing work, and installation. It is a cost-effective solution that helps you maximize your maintenance budget without compromising on quality.

Slip-Resistant Bottoms for Enhanced Guest Safety

The safety and well-being of your guests are paramount. Unique Refinishers goes the extra mile by offering slip-resistant bottoms as part of our bathtub refinishing services for hotels. Here’s why slip-resistant bottoms are essential for hotel bathrooms:


Reduced Risk of Slips and Falls

Bathroom accidents, particularly slips and falls, can lead to injuries and potential liability issues for hotel owners. Slip-resistant bottoms provide an added layer of safety by improving traction and reducing the risk of accidents in wet conditions.

Compliance with Safety Standards

In many jurisdictions, hotels are required to adhere to safety standards that include slip resistance in bathtubs and showers. By having slip-resistant bottoms installed during the refinishing process, you ensure compliance with safety regulations and demonstrate your commitment to guest safety.

Guest Satisfaction and Peace of Mind

When guests feel safe and secure in your hotel, it enhances their overall experience and satisfaction. Offering slip-resistant bathtubs reassures your guests that you prioritize their well-being and provide them with peace of mind during their stay.

Before & After Refinishing

Customized Bathtub Refinishing Solutions

At Unique Refinishers, we understand that every hotel has unique requirements when it comes to bathtub refinishing. Our experienced team works closely with hotel owners, managers, and designers to provide customized solutions that align with your specific needs and preferences. Our process includes:


Thorough Preparation

We start by meticulously cleaning the bathtub surface, removing any dirt, grime, or residue. We then repair any chips, cracks, or damage to ensure a smooth and even surface.

Expert Refinishing

Our skilled technicians apply a high-quality, durable coating to the bathtub surface, transforming it into a glossy, like-new finish. We offer a wide range of colors and finishes to suit your hotel’s aesthetic.

Slip-Resistant Bottom Application

As an added safety measure, we can apply a slip-resistant bottom coating to the bathtub. This specialized coating enhances traction and reduces the risk of slips and falls.

Quality Assurance

We take pride in delivering exceptional craftsmanship and long-lasting results. Our refinishing process is backed by a warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in our services.

Elevate Your Hotel Bathrooms with Unique Refinishers

Transform your hotel bathrooms into inviting, modern spaces that delight your guests. Contact Unique Refinishers today to discuss your bathtub refinishing project or schedule a consultation. Our team of experts will work closely with you to assess your needs, provide personalized recommendations, and deliver superior refinishing services that enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and safety of your hotel bathtubs. Elevate the guest experience with Unique Refinishers’ hotel bathtub refinishing expertise.

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Our team provides commercial services for customers all around the country. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote. We look forward to serving you well.


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