Commercial Bathtub Refinishing Services in Arkansas

With more than 2 million commercial tubs refinished, we’re the nation’s leading commercial bathtub refinishing company. Contact us and let us show you what we can do for your bathrooms.

The #1 Tub Refinishing Company In The Country

Unique Refinishing is the leading provider of commercial bathtub refinishing services in Arkansas. Our specialty lies in adding new life and vibrancy to old, worn-out bathtubs. We achieve this by employing state-of-the-art refinishing techniques, ensuring your bathtubs regain their original shine and functionality, if not better.

When it comes to bathtub refinishing, we comprehend the unique requirements and challenges that commercial scenarios present. With multiple high-usage bathrooms needing simultaneous, quick, and efficient refinishing, the task may appear daunting. Stress not; Unique Refinishing is a comprehensive solution to these specific needs.

The Industries We Serve

At Unique Refinishers, we proudly serve a wide range of industries, providing our exceptional services in commercial bathroom refinishing and restoration. We understand that each industry has unique requirements and challenges when it comes to maintaining its bathroom facilities. That’s why we have tailored our services to cater to the following industries:


We specialize in delivering top-quality refinishing solutions to hotels of all sizes, from boutique establishments to renowned hotel chains such as Marriott, Hyatt, IHG Hotels & Resorts, and Hilton. Our goal is to enhance the appearance and functionality of hotel bathrooms, leaving a lasting impression on guests and elevating their overall experience.

Nursing Homes/Assisted Living Facilities

We prioritize the safety and comfort of residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Our refinishing services focus on improving the durability and accessibility of bathtubs, ensuring a secure bathing experience for individuals with mobility challenges.

Apartment Complexes

We understand the importance of maintaining attractive and well-maintained bathrooms in apartment complexes. Our refinishing solutions provide a cost-effective way to revitalize existing fixtures, enhancing the overall value and desirability of the property.

Educational Facilities

We help educational institutions maintain clean and functional bathrooms for students and staff. Our refinishing services offer a budget-friendly alternative to costly replacements, ensuring that the bathroom facilities remain visually appealing and conducive to learning environments.


We recognize the critical need for sanitary and hygienic environments in hospitals. Our refinishing services prioritize hygiene and durability, creating clean and welcoming bathrooms that meet stringent healthcare standards.

By serving a diverse range of industries, Unique Refinishers has gained extensive expertise in understanding and meeting the specific needs of each sector. Whether it’s providing exceptional guest experiences in hotels, promoting safety in nursing homes, enhancing tenant satisfaction in apartment complexes, maintaining clean facilities in educational institutions, or ensuring a sanitary environment in hospitals, we deliver top-notch commercial bathroom solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each industry.

Other Services

Slip-Resistant Bottom Bathtubs

Safety and comfort go hand-in-hand when it comes to bathroom solutions. It’s for this reason that Unique Refinishing takes a particular interest in making bathtubs safer and more convenient to use. One key feature that we include in our bathtub refinishing services is the addition of slip-resistant bottoms.

Slippery surfaces can pose risks, especially in commercial settings where a variety of individuals will be using the facilities. We, therefore, prioritize the application of a slip-resistant coating on the bottom of the bathtubs we refinish. The texture of these enhanced surfaces significantly reduces the chance of slip-and-fall accidents, providing an extra layer of safety and peace of mind. 

Tile Tune-Ups

At Unique Refinishing, our commitment to rejuvenating your bathroom spaces extends beyond bathtubs. Our tile tune-up service breathes new life into worn-out bathroom tiles, restoring their sparkle and elegance. 

Old, discolored tiles can detract from the overall appeal of your bathroom. Regardless of how beautiful your refinished bathtub might be, if it’s surrounded by aged, dull tiles, it undermines the bathroom’s overall aesthetics. Perceiving this compelling factor, we introduced tile tune-ups to our range of services, offering you an all-in-one solution to bathroom refinishing. 

Accessibility/Easy Access Tubs

In line with our dedication to enhancing safety and comfort in bathroom facilities, Unique Refinishing extends its services to the modification and installation of Accessibility/Easy Access Tubs. These modifications address mobility challenges and provide a safer, more comfortable bathing experience for the elderly, people with disabilities, and anyone with mobility concerns. 

Our team is skilled in transforming standard bathtubs into easy-access tubs, either by installing walk-in doors or converting the tub into a walk-in shower. These modifications reduce the risk of bathroom falls and injuries while promoting independent living.

Every aspect of the design, from the materials used to the positioning of grab bars and the slip-resistant base, is meticulously planned to ensure maximum safety and ease of use. And just like all our other services, these modifications do not compromise the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

Why Choose Unique Refinishers for Commercial Bathtub Refinishing

At this juncture, we present the reasons why you should entrust your commercial bathtub refinishing needs in Arkansas to Unique Refinishing. Our exceptional track record, honed by experience and trusted by leading industry names, stands testament to our expertise. 

Deep-seated in our ethos is a commitment to quality. We use only premium materials in our refinishing processes, ensuring durability, longevity, and unparalleled finish. Our devotion to executing projects within set deadlines while maintaining the highest standards of quality sets us apart in the industry. 

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our operations. We work diligently not just to meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. From consultation to completion, you can expect service that is personalized, professional, and aimed at exceeding your expectations.

Our Service Area

Unique Refinishers is pleased to extend our top-notch commercial bathtub refinishing services to the beautiful state of Arkansas. Our service area covers a wide range of locations across the state, including major cities like Little Rock, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Springdale, and Jonesboro. 

Contact us today to discuss your project and let us revitalize your commercial bathtubs with our unparalleled service and quality refinishing.

Our Service Area

We’re located in Sugar Hill Georgia, but we provide residential bathtub Reglazing/Restoration services to homeowners all around the Metro Atlanta Area and north, including Roswell, Alpharetta, Cumming, Dacula, Suwanee, Braselton, Buford, Lawrenceville, and more.

Our team provides commercial services for customers all around the country. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote. We look forward to serving you well.


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